Crisis Response - Student Reunification

Dear LISD community,

Today, a (insert description of event) occurred at the (insert LISD building name). This has required the LISD to relocate students away from the (insert LISD building name) to allow our emergency responders to perform their work. Because of this, the LISD has activated its plan to reunite students with parents/guardians.

Please understand that this is a response that we train for, but we also understand that this can be a stressful event.  It is extremely important that parents/guardians stay away from the incident scene, as access will be prohibited by (law enforcement/school officials).  Students will be relocated to (insert reunification site and address). Parents/guardians should come to (insert reunification site) where you will be reunited with your child.

The process of accounting for and reuniting parents/guardians and students is not one that can happen quickly.  Please be patient with the staff and emergency responders, as we all have the same goal:  to allow you to see your child as soon as possible. 

Please have your photo I.D. available with you at (insert reunification site), as you will be required to produce it as part of the process to reunite you and your child. 

We understand that it can be incredibly stressful to not have all of the facts surrounding this incident and its impact on your child. We are committed to providing frequent updates through our website, social media platforms, and the Blackboard Connect messaging system.  

Thank you for your patience during this time.