About Us

Who We Are

Lenawee ISD is one of 56 intermediate school districts established in Michigan in 1962. The LISD is an autonomous, tax-supported public school district governed by the laws of the State of Michigan. ISDs are regional service agencies that offer support services to all public students and schools in Michigan's 83 counties, ensuring implementation of six core services:

  • Early Childhood
  • Technology Services
  • Teaching & Learning
  • Student Services
  • Shared Operational Services
  • Developing Partnerships

Quality, efficiency, and cost containment are the hallmarks of ISDs as they help districts share services in technology, instruction, transportation, business, communication and support services, teacher and school staff training, and purchasing. ISDs are often key partners in local economic development through their community ties with colleges and universities, businesses, industries, and human service agencies. ISDs offer literally thousands of training sessions each year to educators, keeping them up on the latest research and teaching methods.

Local school districts depend on ISDs to meet ever-growing needs in early childhood education, special education, career and technical education, career preparation, early college learning, math and science programs, student activities, adult education programs, and more. ISDs also help local districts follow and meet often-complex state and federal education standards and requirements.

What We Do

LISD offers the following programs and services, along with other collaborative services:

  • Adult Learning Services @ LISD TECH Center
  • Adult Transition Support Services
  • Career Preparation Services
  • Center for Educational Materials and Technology
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program
  • Instructional and School Support Services
  • Hillsdale-Lenawee-Monroe Mathematics and Science Center
  • Japanese Middle School Exchange Program
  • JC/LISD Academy: A Regional Middle College
  • Lenawee County Education Foundation
  • LISD Center for a Sustainable Future
  • LISD Laura Haviland Program
  • LISD PREP Academy
  • LISD STEM Student Services
  • LISD Student Events (county-wide)
  • LISD TECH Center
  • LISD Transportation
  • Maurice Spear Campus Education Program
  • Multicultural Programs
  • Professional Development
  • Project SEARCH
  • Special Education Services
  • Stubnitz Environmental Education Programs
  • Work Support Services
  • Young Children Services

Who We Serve

Our Brand

LISD Logo Files

LISD Logo Main

LISD Logo Inverted

LISD Color Codes

LISD Blue: RGB 50:85:164 | Hex #3255a4 | Pantone 286 U | CMYK 90 75 0 0

Navy: RGB 0:37:84 | Hex #002554 | Pantone 655 C | CMYK 100 79 12 59

Green: RGB 132:189:0 | Hex #84bd00 | Pantone 376 C | CMYK 50 0 100 0

Light Blue: RGB 167:198:237 | Hex #a7c6ed | Pantone 2717 C | CMYK 34 15 0 0

Gray: RGB 193:198:200 | Hex #c1c6c8 | Pantone 428 C | CMYK 10 4 4 14

If you are a vendor or community partner and require a vector file of our logo or need any additional information on our branding guidelines, please contact:

Andrew Munson, Community Relations Coordinator
517-264-9840 | andrew.munson@lisd.us