The LISD Business Office is responsible for the administration of all district finances. The LISD Business Office works with District administrators and program staff to develop and manage the District’s annual operating and capital budgets. Representatives of the Business Office maintain responsibility for employee payroll, accounts receivable and payable, financial accounting and reporting requirements, and grant fiscal management. In addition to core financial management functions, the LISD Business Office also analyzes and recommends opportunities for collaboration and shared services among LISD program areas and Lenawee County school districts.


Linda Blohm – Purchasing and Logistics Director
(517) 265-1647 |

Chris DeGood – Accounting Clerk @ LISD TECH Center
(517) 265-1653 |

Collin Haag - Staff Accountant
(517) 265-1639 |

Kara Kidd – Accountant/Finance Customer Support Specialist 
(517) 266-4839 |

Judy Pfund – Executive Director, Finance and Business Services
(517) 265-1616 |

Stephanie Roberts – Pupil Accounting Auditor
(517) 265-1621 |

Michael Rutledge – Grants Accountant
(517) 265-1699 |

Laura Sharp – Coordinator Accounting Services
(517) 265-1704 |

Kelly Smith – Coordinator Business Services
(517) 265-1693 |

The Community Relations Coordinator, through the Office of the Superintendent, provides leadership, district-wide coordination, and oversight of internal and external communications activities, including marketing and public relations for LISD programs, initiatives, and events.

Our Brand

LISD Logo Files

LISD Logo Main

LISD Logo Inverted

If you are a vendor or community partner and require a vector file of our logo or need any additional information on our branding guidelines, please contact:


Andrew Munson, Community Relations Coordinator
517-264-9840 |

The LISD Facilities Department provides maintenance and custodial services at multiple campus locations, throughout the Adrian area. Our goal is to ensure a safe and healthy environment for students, staff, and community members.

Facilities Use Request Form


Tom Kasefang, Director of Facilities & Maintenance
4107 N. Adrian Hwy., Adrian, MI 49221
517-265-1709 |

Larissa Kalinowski, Staff Resources / Facilities & Maintenance Secretary 
4107 N. Adrian Hwy., Adrian, MI 49221
517-266-4834 |

Gregg Miller, Maintenance Supervisor
517-605-2082 |

The LISD Information Technology Department (ITD) provides a wide range of robust, reliable, and secure technology services targeted at supporting the LISD’s mission and vision. The ITD delivers contemporary technology services to students and staff of the LISD and its constituent school districts that elect to contract for IT services. The IT support team assists with troubleshooting technical problems and provides guidance, service, and support about technology products and services such as computers, electronic equipment, software and other technology services.

The LISD ITD views its stakeholders (customers) as the students, staff, and community users of the LISD’s technology network and systems as those within the LISD constituent districts that contract with the LISD for IT services. LISD ITD desires to establish and maintain positive, long-term relationships with our stakeholders through open communication and feedback. The LISD ITD will also strive for continuous improvement by measuring our performance against our stakeholders’ expectations and industry standards.

Collaboration and Partnership
The ITD proudly serves Lenawee County’s students and school districts. In addition, the LISD ITD has the great privilege and responsibility of providing technology, support and leadership to the Lenawee County IT collaborative. This IT collaborative represents the mutually beneficial partnership of 4 school districts (LISD, Sand Creek Community Schools, Britton Deerfield Schools and Addison Community Schools).


Service Desk Portal
517-265-1690 |

The LISD Office of Grants and Development coordinates the identification, solicitation and administration of federal, state, and private grants for the LISD. The Office is under the direction of the LISD Superintendent.


  • Provide in-house legal counsel to the LISD Board of Education, Superintendent, and administration and legal counsel to constituent school districts of the LISD on matters of school law.
  • Draft and review legal contracts with District vendors, constituent districts, and other entities.
  • Administer Board Policies, making recommendations to the Superintendent and LISD Board of Education when policy changes are required or recommended.
  • Research prospective funding opportunities from private and public sources including foundations, corporations and the state and federal government in support of LISD programming.
  • Identify requests for proposals or other funding opportunities that may align with one (or more) of the various service areas that the LISD supports.
  • Develop and submit both competitive and formula grant proposals on behalf of the LISD.
  • Prepares letters of request seeking funding from individuals or organizations in support of the LISD.
  • Serve as a liaison between the LISD and potential or current funding agencies.
  • Work in cooperation with LISD administration and service providers in the administration of grant award contracts.
  • Assists in ensuring compliancy with all grant award contract requirements.
  • Provide support to LISD and constituent district faculty/staff in the areas of grant procurement and administration.


Kyle Hoffman, Director of Legal Services, Grants, and Development
4107 N. Adrian Hwy., Adrian, MI 49221
517-266-4832 |

The mission of the LISD Staff Resources Department is to support the goals and challenges of the LISD and its staff by providing services that promote a work environment that is characterized by fair treatment of staff, open communications, personal accountability, trust and mutual respect. We will seek and provide solutions to workplace issues that support and are consistent with the vision, mission, and purpose of the LISD. 

Department Goals

LISD Staff

The LISD Staff Resources Department seeks continuous improvement in the delivery of services to students by making the LISD a better place for staff to work and be rewarded for their accomplishments. In addition to coordinating and promoting the annual Staff Recognition program, the Staff Resources Department oversees the Staff of the Month program, New Staff Tour/Luncheon program, Employee Assistance program, Wellness program, and other staff development programs.

Local Districts

By listening and proactively engaging the Lenawee County local school districts, the LISD Staff Resources Department seeks to provide efficient and effective delivery of human resource functions that can provide both labor and monetary savings to those local districts. Services such as employment recruitment, performance evaluation development, background checks, contracted labor coordination, benefit bidding/negotiation, and health insurance management, are just some of the services provided County-wide.

Community Partners

Fostering and serving community partnerships is also a focus of the LISD Staff Resources Department. County entities such as Lenawee Cares, the City of Adrian, local service clubs, and other organizations work closely with the LISD Staff Resources personnel for the benefit of Lenawee County.


General Questions:

Daniel J Garno, Executive Director
517-265-1608 |

Courtney Williams, Administrative Coordinator - Employee Benefits & Staff Resources
Primary Responsibilities - Oversee Employee Benefits/Staff Resources, Compensation, Contracts, Certification, Leave of Absences, Family and Medical Leave Act, Assist Executive Director.
517-265-1607 |  

Ashley Munson, Insurance Consortium Secretary/Employee Benefits Specialist
Primary Responsibilities - Insurance Consortium Contact, Employee Benefits, COBRA, Workers' Compensation/Staff Injury, Flexible Spending, Staff Resources Questions.
517-265-1632 |

Kayla Farver,  Administrative Secretary - Staff Resources
Primary Responsibilities - Fingerprint Appointments, New Hire Onboarding/Paperwork, EDUStaff Fingerprint Approval, Fingerprint Transfer Requests,  New Staff Tour, Standard for Success, Staff Resources Questions.
517-265-1667 |

Larissa Kalinowski, Secretary - Staff Resources
Primary Responsibilities - Verification of Employment, SafeSchools, Staff Recognition, Staff Resources Questions
517-266-4834 |

Jolene Nofzinger, Secretary - Staff Resources, Facilities/Maintenance, School Support Services, School Safety
Primary Responsibilities - Staff of the Month, Volunteer Background Checks, Student of the Week, ESC Room Reservations
517-265-1635 |


To Schedule School Employment Fingerprints, please visit our calendly page:

Verification of Employment

Verbal verifications of employment are limited to releasing if the individual is currently employed. If you need additional information, you may fax your request along with a signed release (please note that electronic signatures are not accepted) to 517-266-6987.

Employee Benefits

For more specific questions, please contact the benefit service providers listed below.


MESSA Website

Blue Cross Blue Shield

BCBSM Website


EyeMed Website

Mutual of Omaha

Life Insurance and AD&D


Prescription Drug Mail Order Plan

Delta Dental of Michigan & Ohio

Delta Dental Website


Tlanda McDonald

VSP - Vision Service Plan

VSP Website

Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System

MPSERS Website

TSA Consulting - 403(b)/457(b)

Salary reduction forms and additional information
TSA Consulting Website