CEMaT (Center for Educational Materials and Technology)

LISD Center for Educational Materials and Technology

CEMaT is a public education center provided by the Lenawee Intermediate School District. Our mission is to provide as many resources as possible to help our patrons engage, challenge, and inspire thinking, learning and development everyday! 

Open to teachers, professionals, and the public, the CEMaT offers a wide variety of resources including our Production Lab and a large collection of books, games, and other media. Stop in for some fun, learning, and creativity! 

Please note: Due to increased demand, any projects require a minimum of 10 business days for completion.

CEMaT Online Checkout

Use the link below to be directed to the CEMaT Follett checkout system. Learning vault materials and library literature are now available.

CEMaT Material Checkout

If there is something specific that you are looking for and are unable to find it in the system, please email cemat@lisd.us.

CEMaT Patron Website Access Instructions

  1. Use the CEMaT Material Checkout link.
  2. User Name: First name initial (capitalized) followed by last name
  3. Password: P##### (assigned 5-digit patron number)
  4. Create your own free account and begin checking out learning vault materials

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Services Offered


The CEMaT library provides for the educational needs of your student or child. Pre-Kindergarten to Post-Secondary materials include: books, puppets, games and puzzles, audio books, educational videos, and learning kits. Stop in for a look or call 517-266-6991 with your inquiry. 

Glowforge and Cricut Reservations 

Please use the form below to reserve your space in the production lab to use the Glowforge or Cricut machines. Please check the calendar below before making your reservation. If you need to cancel your reservation please contact CEM@T

Thank you. 

Production Lab Pricing


  • 1.5 ml Laminating Film - $0.50 per foot
  • 3ml Laminate Pouch - $0.50 each 
  • 5ml Laminate Pouch - $0.75 each
  • 10ml Laminate Pouch - $1.00 each


Small Binding Unit

  • 1/4” Binding Unit (25 sheets) - $0.25 each
  • 2/3” Binding Unit (55 sheets) - $0.25 each
  • 1/2” Binding Unit (85 sheets) - $0.25 each

Large Binding Unit

  • 1” Binding Unit (200 sheets) - $1.00 each
  • 1 1/2” Binding Unit (320 sheets) - $1.00 each
  • 2” Binding Unit (425 sheets) - $1.00 each

Binding Ring

  • 1” Binding Rings - $0.10 each
  • 2” Binding Rings - $0.35 each


  • 9 X 12 Construction Paper - $0.10 per sheet
  • 12 X 18 Construction Paper - $0.13 per sheet
  • Cardstock - $0.06 per sheet
  • Bulletin Board Paper - $0.50 per foot


  • Black and White - $0.10 per sheet
  • Color - $0.15 per sheet
  • Cardstock Black and White - $0.15 per sheet
  • Cardstock Color - $0.20 per sheet


  • Posters Poster Board - $0.70 each

Printing Posters

  • 18” X 24”--half-size poster (low ink) - $4.00
  • 18” X 24”-half-size poster (heavy ink) - $6.00
  • 24” X 36”-full-size poster (low ink) - $6.00
  • 24” X 36”-full-size poster (heavy ink) - $8.00


  • 9 X 12 Foam Paper - $0.52 per sheet
  • Felt Paper - $0.32 per sheet
  • Sponge Paper - $2.81 per sheet
  • Vinyl Sheets - $1.50 per sheet
  • Buttons - $0.50 each
  • Lanyards - $0.50 each
  • Velcro Roll - $1.20 per foot
  • Badge Holders - $0.50 each
  • Magnetic Tape - $1.00 per foot
  • Lacing Strings - $0.50 per pair
  • Clothes Pins - $0.10 each
  • Craft Sticks - $0.03 each
  • Spinners - $0.30 per pair

CEMaT Interoffice Mail

Delivery Van Daily Schedule

Interoffice Mail Delivery Schedule
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Adrian College Addison Supt. Office Adrian Supt. Office Blissfield High School Addison Supt. Office
Adrian Supt. Office CEMaT/ Porter Center CEMaT/ Porter Center Britton High School Adrian Supt. Office
Berean Baptist* LISD ESC LISD ESC CEMaT/ Porter Center CEMaT/ Porter Center
Blissfield High School Hudson Supt. Office LISD Transportation Clinton Supt. Office LISD ESC*
Britton High School LISD Transportation TECH Center/ REP Deerfield Elementary Hudson Supt. Office
CEMaT/ Porter Center Maurice Spear Campus THLC/ Montessori LISD ESC* LISD Transportation
Clinton Morenci Supt. Office   LISD Transportation Maurice Spear Campus
Deerfield Elementary Onsted Elementary   Madison High School Morenci Supt. Office
LISD ESC Sacred Heart*   TECH Center/ PREP Onsted Elementary
Lenawee Christian Sand Creek Elementary   Tecumseh Sand Creek Elementary
LISD Transportation TECH Center/ PREP   THLC/ Montessori TECH Center/ PREP
Madison High School THLC/ Montessori     THLC/ Montessori
Siena Heights University*        
St. Stephen's Lutheran*        
TECH Center/ PREP        
THLC/ Montessori        


*Will call for pick up.


CEMaT, Lenawee ISD
2946 Sutton Rd., Adrian, MI 49221
(Inside LISD Porter Education Center)

Sherry Kurek, CEMaT Secretary
517-266-6991 | cemat@lisd.us

Hours of Operation

Mondays - 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Tuesdays - 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Wednesdays - 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM*
Thursdays - 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Fridays - Closed to the public

*Note: Wednesdays 8:30 AM - 1:00 PM is self service only; if you need assistance with the resources, please choose another time to visit. Thank you!

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