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Find Licensed Day Care Centers and Preschools Near You!

The best tool for families in Michigan looking for child care or preschool--every licensed and registered program and provider, including Head Start and Great Start Readiness Programs, is listed in an easy-to-use search engine. Families can search by Zip code, hours of operation or something even more specific (if a child has a food allergy or special need, families can search using that detail to find a program that meets their needs).  The only place families can see the 'Great Start to Quality' star rating is on The star ratings show how programs and providers scored on a quality rating scale. This rating scale was designed by experts and parents to help families find the highest quality setting to support their child for success in school and life. is free and accessible 24/7.  Other resources available at Great Start to Quality include a Child Care Checklist in the Parent Toolkit that is easily printed or viewed on any device, and licensing reports that show inspections, violations and corrections. For more information call 1.877.614.7328.

What to Look For: High-Quality Child Care Standards for Lenawee County

When looking for, or creating, a high-quality environment for children, consider these important recommendations.  Lenawee County parents and licensed center and home providers contributed their thoughts to the following list of standards:  High-Quality Child Care Standards.

In addition, the State of Michigan has published an easy-to-read pamphlet called "A Parents' Guide to Child Care Licensing" (pdf).

Child Care Network newsletter

The Childcare Network

This organization is committed to improving the quality of child care and providing resources to help the community make educated choices about early childhood education. They have many resources to share, including a lending library with books for caregivers/parents, books for children, activity kits and videos. They are located in Suite 202 of the Human Services Building (1040 S. Winter St. Adrian).  Contact them at 517-264-5324 or visit their website at  To view their quarterly newsletters, visit their Community Resources Page.

Types of Licensed Centers

There are a few different types of child care, as you’ve already learned. Child Care and Day Care are used interchangeably. Michigan requires child care programs to be registered/licensed. You can learn more about this here: and in "A Parents' Guide to Child Care Licensing."

Registered Family homes: able to provide care for up to 6 children. Operates a home-based business in his/her private residence. May care for infants, toddlers, pre-school, and school-aged children who need supervision after school.

Licensed Group Homes: are able to provide care for up to 12 children. Group homes with more than 6 children must employ an assistant caregiver. Operates a home-based business in his/her private residence. May care for infants, toddlers, pre-school, and school-aged children who need supervision after school

Licensed Centers: able to provide care for many children depending on the size of the facility. Licensed centers are able to provide care for infants, toddlers, preschool-age and school-age children if their license permits.

Preschool: are licensed facilities that provide full and/or half-day educational programs for 3 and 4 year old children (including Head Start and Great Start Readiness Programs). For more information on Preschools, jump to our Preschool Resource Page.

To publicize your licensed child care, you can and click on the Great Start Connect button above and follow the instructions (the button can also be found at This is a database of all the licensed and registered programs and you can search by city, address or zip.

"Make Time to Talk" Tip Sheet

The National Institute for Literacy has created a "Make Time to Talk" tip sheet for both home-base and center-based child care providers.

Free Social and Emotional Resources

If you need materials to help you work with a child who has challenging behaviors or you wish to just make classroom management run smoothly, click through this list of the latest researched based materials

Scholarships Available for Child Care Providers

T.E.A.C.H Michigan: A Project of Michigan 4C Association is now offering a scholarship to teachers, directors, assistants, owners, and family child care providers. View brochure here. For more information or an application call (866) 648-3224 x24.

Amendments Made to the Child Care Organizations Act

Legislation recently amended the Child Care Organizations Act.  It is now required that all licensed and registered child care organizations maintain, and make available to parents, a notebook that includes, "reports from all licensing or registration inspections, renewal inspections, special investigations, and corrective action plans".  Written verification that parents have been notified of the notebook must also be on file. For more information about the child care amendment letter and legislation.

Immunization Requirements

The State of Michigan requires certain immunizations for children attending childcare centers or preschool programs.  Go to the CDC Immunizations page for details, including a "catch up" immunization schedule.  If you live in Michigan, here is how to request an official immunization record.