This is how a classroom should make you feel

With a couple weeks into preschool I am seeing such an improvement in my child’s growth. I remember when I first questioned the notion of placing my 4-year-old in school as opposed to waiting until he was older, but with great encouragement and support, I convinced myself we were ready.

And now I’m excited to hear about my son’s day. How they played games and had lunch and went outside. Making new friends and seeing new faces is now something my child is accustomed to. My child encourages me. He reminds me of how willing and passionate people can be about learning.

Last week was the Easter egg hunt for my son’s class. We played Bingo and had lunch and read books and sang together. I’m so thankful I gave my child opportunities to grow despite my own fears. And the atmosphere in his classroom was nothing but pure. Everyone cares.

I encourage any mom who may have second thoughts about preschool. It has been such a benefit to us we are so thankful for it.

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