Sunday Games

image courtesy of clipartmountain.comLove this Michigan weather!!  These past couple weeks have brought us every kind of day you could possibly imagine—cold and windy to sunny and warm. Never knowing what lies ahead, the boys and I have been opting for more indoor games to keep us busy, games we play as a family.

My preschooler and I discovered just how fun puzzles can be. With puzzles designed for his developmental level, my son finds it so easy to put the puzzles together by following the picture and separating  pieces into groups: sides,centers and corners.  We collect all the puzzles we can find from Spongebob to Hot Wheels. I always stay with the 100-piece puzzle sets or lower. And we always take a picture of it when we’re done.

I’ve found these small box sets all over town and they always average around $2-5.  Last Sunday, I bought 4 boxes for $2.99 (50-100 pieces each). We cleared the kitchen table and spent the afternoon putting the puzzles together and making brownies. What great gifts these small box sets would make.

What family activities do you like to do on Sundays?

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