Preschool jitters and how to handle ’em

I finally made it! My youngest son is starting pre-k. After raising four boys and and putting them through school, the last li’l chick is leaving the nest. So why do I feel like I’ve never done this before? The same fears and doubts creep in my mind like they did 20 years ago.

I suppose you never really get used to letting your li’l ones go, watching them grow up and eventually starting lives of their own. Hey, it’s only preschool, but it’s a start in that direction—even though we still have a long way to go, it still stirs up emotions.

My biggest fears haven’t changed. Who’s going to take care of my child when I’m not around? Will someone help him if he gets lost? What if he has to go potty, whose gonna stand outside the door? Is a full day too long for him to be away from home? All the ‘what ifs’ that circle through my mind are normal, I know, but they are still legitimate.

Thankfully, I’ve been through this before. I know what to do and what to look for. Leave my cell phone number with the teacher, the bus driver, a neighbor, anyone who may need to get hold of me just in case. Develop a routine. The easiest way to guarantee good results is practice. Become familiar with the other parents and reach out to other single moms—two more smart ways to develop a strong support system.

Even though I am nervous about my littlest ones heading off into the big world of preschool, I’m confident things will go smoothly. I talk to him every day about school. I prepare him mentally for what he will be experiencing and make it exciting for him to look forward to.

Here are some more great tips towards preparing for preschool:

What are your worries about sending your child to preschool? For those of you who have been through it, please share your tips!

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