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During the early years, children develop rapidly and their experiences shape learning and behavior patterns that will last a lifetime. Because of this, a collaborative of Lenawee community leaders, educators, health care professionals, child care providers, parents, service providers, policymakers, and local business men and women are working together to ensure support for all families and children for a 'great start.'  Investing in the earliest years is smart policy--the children starting school ready to learn today become the productive community members of tomorrow. Join us as we grow great kids in Lenawee County!


All children in Lenawee County will start school healthy, safe and ready to succeed.


Coordinate community resources and support to provide a great start for all children birth to five.


A partnership of Lenawee parents, community agencies, business leaders, healthcare providers, educators, foundations, faith leaders and individuals working together to coordinate and build a system of services to support the development of young children and their families. Learn more about creating a comprehensive early childhood system.

A ‘Great Start’

Pays off in school success, higher graduation rates, a better-trained workforce and higher earnings AND saves costs down the road in fewer people going to prison, lower welfare dependency, reduced special education costs and a decrease in teen pregnancy.

Michigan's Early Childhood Investment Corporation

Lenawee Great Start was established by the Early Childhood Investment Corporation (ECIC) in April 2008. The ECIC is a public corporation that provides funding and consultation to local Great Start Collaboratives across the state to ensure the healthy development of all Michigan children. Today, every county in Michigan has a Great Start.