A letter from the Lenawee Great Start Team

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Thu, 03/19/2020 - 10:08am

Dear Lenawee Great Start Families and Friends,

In following the guidance of our fiduciary agent, the Lenawee County ISD, both Sarah and Lisa will be out of the office until Monday, April 13, 2020. We will both have access to email remotely during this time and will return any emails and other communications as soon as possible.

There are a few things that we wanted to address:

In accordance with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services’ recommendations designed to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), we will be canceling/postponing our Parent Ed Series, Active Parent and Pages and Play. It is yet to be determined if we will reschedule them or not. As you know things are changing every day and at times, on the hour.

Please also note that if you will be completing an interest form at www.lenaweefreepreschools.org for the Great Start Readiness Program we will not be sending out those applications at this time until April 13th. (This date could change) We are sorry for this inconvenience. As you know we are navigating through uncharted territories. If you have questions about the program or the application process please email lisa.eack@lenaweegreatstart.org

We are aware that many families use our online events calendar and Facebook events tab. As you also are probably aware, many of those events have been canceled or postponed. If you have questions about an upcoming event that is listed on our calendar, please contact or visit the Facebooks pages where the event is supposed to be taking place.

We will continue to post updates and resources to assist families during this time.

Most importantly take this time to practice patience with the littles and give extra hugs and kisses! They may not be able to express their feelings in appropriate ways, it is our jobs as parents to help them through it in a positive loving way. Their routines have been turned upside down, so it’s very normal behavior if they are having a hard time adjusting. Stay calm through the chaos and this too shall pass!

We hope you and your families are staying safe and healthy!

The Lenawee Great Start Collaborative Team,
Sarah Meikle- Parent Liaison
Lisa Eack- Director
Christie Cadmus- Director