FREE Strengthening Families Training - A Protective Factors Framework

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Wed, 05/15/2019 - 2:34pm

Lenawee Great Start is proud to be offering this two day workshop from the Center for the Study of Social Policy’s Strengthening Families -A Protective Factors Framework.

The Center for the Study of Social Policy developed the framework with the initial goal to create a national, systemic approach to prevention that would reach large numbers of children long before abuse and neglect would occur.

A national and international initiative that aims to develop and enhance five specific characteristics (PROTECTIVE FACTORS) that help keep families strong and children safe from abuse and neglect

Strengthening Families is based on STRENGTH-BASED theory. It is about focusing on what is strong not what’s wrong. Strengthening Families is an APPROACH – not a program. It starts with changing your lens and re framing the conversation about families.

For more information on the training, see the flyer below.  Click here to register.