Screen Sense - Research from Zero to Three

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Mon, 01/14/2019 - 1:58pm

The Zero to Three organization has completed research on "Screen Sense: What the Research Says About the Impact of Media on Children Under 3 Years Old."  Their research summarizes and helps to answer questions on screens and children under age three.
The following topics are among those covered:
• Why very young children sometimes struggle to learn from screen media
• The influence of parent screen use on children's learning
• Key ingredients to consider when making media decisions for children
     (The 3 C's: Content, Context, Child)
• Key components of screen media content that support early learning
In addition to their research reports, Zero to Three provides an hour long webinar recording, resources for parents & caregivers, and an article on "Screen-Use Tips for Parents of Children Under Three."  All the research and resources mentioned can be found on the Zero to Three website.