FREE Active Parenting 6 Week Workshop

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Thu, 10/25/2018 - 9:08am

We are proud to bring the acclaimed Active Parenting program directly to you! This workshop will show you effective ways to ... 

  • Use nonviolent discipline that really works
  • Open up lines of communication-before they get clogged
  • Teach responsibility, courage, and other important character traits
  • Encourage school success in 7 steps
  • Prevent future problems with drugs, alcohol, and sex
  • Defuse power struggles with your children
  • Stimulate independence as your child grows older
  • Stop scolding and start smiling with your kids again!

Classes being November 12th (6-8 pm) at the Porter Education Center 2946 Sutton Road, Adrian.  There will be 6 total sessions, call 517-266-4821 to register.  See flyer below for a complete listing of dates and times.