What is Active Parenting?

By: Sarah Meikle/

With Parenting comes challenges, and it’s one of the hardest jobs you’ll ever have!  We live in an ever changing world with technology adding issues that we never had to face when we were kids. We have worries about drugs, bullies and negative influences that our children are having to deal with on a regular basis. Add all that up and it’s no wonder as parents we worry if we’re doing it right, or if we’re doing enough.

Luckily, there is help and it’s called Active Parenting! Active Parenting is an evidence based program that will help parents and caregivers learn skills and techniques to help protect and prepare your children to survive and thrive in the society in which they live. Active Parenting will give you the skills to achieve a fuller, more satisfying family life and help your children feel happy and successful. Written by Dr. Michael Popkin, one of the nation’s foremost experts on parenting education, this workshop will show you a proven effective approach to parenting that will lead you to peace and happiness for you and your children. Each workshop will focus on different topics such as, mutual respect, the method of choice, the importance of communication, discipline vs. punishment, understanding and redirecting misbehavior and so much more!

When you attend our Active Parenting workshops, you’ll also learn a basic understanding of child development and the importance of knowing age appropriate disciplines. In turn you’ll learn that it’s important to take care of yourself in order to be “the best you”, and ways to achieve that.

You may be wondering what “evidence based” means.  Well, it means that there is scientific research to back up the effectiveness of Active Parenting Programs and the positive impacts on both parents, caregivers and children. To learn more about the studies click HERE.

If you would like to bring back the joy of parenting and learn effective non-violent discipline skills, we encourage you to register for our upcoming workshops starting January 9th.  Spots are limited so register today. Childcare is provided and there will be snacks and refreshments to help make your experience as comfortable as possible.  If you have questions please reach out to us at Lenawee Great Start at 517-266-4821 or email sarah.meikle@lenaweegreatstart.org

Make 2019, your best parenting year ever!


Sarah Meikle has been a Parent Liaison for Lenawee Great Start since 2015. She enjoys serving the families of Lenawee County. She was raised in Adrian where she attended Madison Schools. She now resides in Tecumseh with her husband Andrew and their two young children, Camden and Kaylee.


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