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Our motto: Inspired To Eliminate Hunger
I92 Ministries is a Christian nonprofit food relief organization that my wife Melinda and I founded in 2012. We believe God has great plans for Lenawee County and the country of Haiti. The purpose of I92 Ministries is to help provide food to people in need regardless of their situation and to share with them the hope that comes through knowing Jesus Christ.

Why Lenawee County? The need is large. Per the most recent U.S. census information 13,462 people are considered to live under the poverty level in Lenawee. Hundreds of children in our county quite possibly receive their only meal of the day while attending school. My family is from Lenawee County, my wife and I both grew up in Clinton and we’re raising our family here. We think the people of Lenawee County are important and it’s important to us to help provide food to the area we live.

backpack meal packsOur biggest local program is a weekend meal pack program, that we call our “Backpack Program”. I92 provides weekend meal packs to children in several school districts in Lenawee County during the school year that have items for lunch and breakfast for Saturday and Sunday when kids are not in school. I deliver the meal packs to the schools and school personnel or teachers will put the meal packs in the students backpack on Friday afternoon for the kids to take home with them for the weekend. This method of delivery helps to protect the student’s identity while insuring they have the food they need for the weekend. The schools identify the kids that need help, contact the families to inform them of this service, and tell us the number of meal packs they need. We do not know which children are receiving the meals. During the 2016-17 school year, we provided meal packs to 260-students each week. The districts we partnered with last year were Clinton, Blissfield, Lenawee Prep. Academy, and Great Start classes in Deerfield, Britton, Sutton, YMCA, Onsted, Morenci, and Birth Toddlers and Beyond in Adrian and Hudson.

spring break meal packingWe have also had the opportunity to provide meals to students during Spring Break and Christmas Break providing breakfast and lunch for each day while students are away from school. Last school year we provided Spring Break packs to 190-students and Christmas Break packs to 219-students. In total with the help of our donors and volunteers, we provided more than 50,000 meals to students in Lenawee County during the 2016-17 school year. This school year will be our fifth year with implementing the Backpack Program. Our goal is to add 100-students for the upcoming school year.


Why Haiti?

My wife and I have had the opportunity to travel to Haiti through an organization called Mission of Hope-Haiti. Not until I traveled there did I take the time to learn of the desperate needs the Haitian people encounter on all levels; food, shelter, healthcare, the number of orphans left in the aftermath of the earthquake (over 600,000), an unemployment rate of 85% haitito name a few. But among its people and throughout its villages there is great hope. There is a light shining through this land of darkness. The villages we visit are being redeemed. Food and healthcare are becoming available; homes and schools are being built. Children are being educated to give them work skills. God is at work in Haiti and the Haitians have responded with gratitude to God. However, the work in Haiti is far from complete. We decided one way we can help the people of Haiti is by sending food. We organize meal-packing events where volunteers pack bean and rice meal packs for us to send to Mission of Hope to assist with their nutritional program. These events are also organized as a fundraiser to help support our local efforts to end hunger. Our typical bean and rice meal pack event will provide 10,000 meals for Haiti. We ask for donations for .30 per meal. So, a 10,000-meal pack event will generate $3,000. Almost half the funds from these events stay in Lenawee County providing funding for our local backpack program. These events are a great way to make a tangible difference in both the areas we feel compelled to serve.

How to get involved:

1. Donate. Asking for funding is not easy but it’s necessary. Many of the people we serve have a hard time asking for help. Many of them won’t ask for help. You can help us continue our programs by visiting our website at www.i92.org and going to our “Get Involved” page. Hit the “Donate” button where you will be directed to PayPal to make a secure on-line donation. You could make your donation recurring monthly if you would like to partner with us on a continuing basis.

2. Sponsor a Haiti meal packing event. These are great events church groups, civic organizations, or businesses can organize to provide food to people that need help.

3. Volunteer to pack weekend meal packs. With the amount of backpack meal packs we provide each week; we can always use help with packing these meals. The name I92 Ministries: Prior to my first trip to Haiti in May 2012, it became clear to me that my part in God’s plan was to use my 23-years of work experience in the food industry to help provide food to people in need. While on my first trip to Haiti and soon after my return home God opened doors in ways that made it abundantly clear that I was to leave my job and work full time advocating and helping to provide food for people. Once home while reading scripture in Matthew 5 it explains the time when Jesus begins his ministry which refers to the prophesy of Isaiah in chapter 9 verse 2. The people living in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned. Isaiah 9:2 Upon reading this my mind wandered back to Haiti where I had witnessed people living in deep darkness and accepting Jesus as their savior where a new light dawns. This new light is where their hope rests. To bring that same hope to Lenawee County and be part of God’s work in Haiti; I92 Ministries was born. I invite you to join us and be part of a community that is inspired to eliminate hunger.

Andy Piatt
Co-Founder / Executive Director
I92 Food Relief Ministries
Contact Information:
I92 Ministries
10480 Matthews Hwy.
Clinton, Mi. 49236
Phone: 517-215-0772
e-mail: andy@i92.org
Web: www.i92.org

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