Adrian Center for the Arts

Adrian Center for the Arts Supported by the

Lenawee Council for the Visual Arts

ACA1The Lenawee Council for the Visual Arts (LCVA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the visual arts in Lenawee County. Established in 1998, The first major project was the Millennium sculpture in Comstock Park. The organization was the initial impetus behind Art-A-Licious, for many years organized the Lenawee County High School and K-8 exhibitions and maintained galleries in downtown, the last one hosted by the Croswell. The LCVA’s biggest project is the Adrian Center for the Arts (ACA). Today we are realizing our intention of revitalizing a portion of the former Adrian Training School by repurposing seven buildings as a place of continued learning and growing and new experiences for all.

ACA2The Adrian Center for the Arts (ACA) houses an arts community designed to reach and serve all of Lenawee County, not just the City of Adrian. Our goal is to nurture all levels of education in the visual arts; from novice to master, children to adults. The ACA supports many types of artists – students, hobbyists and professionals. We not only teach classes and workshops, but offer after-school activities, summer art camps and facilitate community functions such as the Empty Bowls fundraiser benefitting the Salvation Army, free visit days such as Spring Fling, the Professional Artist Series co-sponsored by Lenawee Now. guest artist lectures, community exhibitions, internship opportunities and the Art-A-Licious throwing tent.

ACA3Art and culture are important to any vibrant society, and by supporting the arts we are investing in an industry that is based on discovery and innovation. Art organizations like the LCVA are an integral part of our business community, and become a marketing tool to promote the City of Adrian. An active art facility like the ACA makes the City of Adrian an attractive location to live and work, and shows that we are committed to establishing culture and the arts in our community. The will not just be a place for art students or experienced artist – it will be easily accessible for everyone.


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