Halloween Traditions

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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, so when I was a new mom, back in 2005 before Pinterest, and the whole social media craze, I looked all over the internet, magazines, whatever I could get my hands on to find traditions that I could start with my family. Over the past 11 years some have kind of faded away, but there are others that my kids still enjoy and look forward to every day.

I thought it would be fun to share our family traditions with you.

Our Halloween Countdown Calendar– I made this calendar about 10 years ago after seeing the idea online somewhere.  It’s just a cookie sheet spray painted black, scrapbook paper, die cuts or stickers with magnets on the back.countdowntree

The Halloween Tree– This might be one of my favorite decorations, I found the tree years ago at a Hallmark store when we lived in Alaska, and I think I got the little Halloween Ornaments at a craft store.  It’s cluttered, a little chaotic, but the kids love decorating every year.

Visiting the Pumpkin Patch- This was a totally new thing for me when my daughter was born, I don’t remember having pumpkin patches in Florida, I’m sure they were there, but we never went to one.  I love going to pumpkin patches, I’m always on the look out for a new one to try.  We’ve tried probably 6 different ones in the 7 years we’ve lived in Michigan, my husband can tell you, I’m always searching for the perfect patch.  🙂  pumpkins-92101_640

Carving Pumpkins- Another tradition that I don’t remember doing as a child, and I’ll be honest, I understand why, LOL!   It’s messy, sticky, takes forever, but the kids enjoy it, so we still do it.

The Halloween Witch (or the Switch Witch)– I read about the Halloween Witch in a parents magazine when Keira was just a baby and I loved the idea of it.  I can’t remember if it was actually called the Halloween Witch or something else, but that’s what we’ve always called it.  Halloween night, we let the kids pick a few pieces of candy to eat on Halloween and enough for a small stash that will last them about a week, the rest we put on the front step and the Halloween Witch halloween-478582_640comes, takes their candy and leaves a small toy, book, or something else their into in place of the candy.  Why she does this, I can’t remember and hope the kids don’t ask.  My husband just asked me yesterday if I thought the kids actually thought it was a witch, and the answer, I’m not sure, but I’m going to keep going with it until they start complaining.  There is actually a little witch and book similar to the Elf on The Shelf called the Switch Witch.

We also usually do a little craft that I pick up at a craft store.  I like to make Halloween food to have for dinner on Halloween night and we watch It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown after trick or treating.  Do you have any fun, unique traditions that your family does?

Vanessa Armstrong

Vanessa Armstrong is one of our Parent Liaison for Lenawee Great Start. Before joining Lenawee Great Start, Vanessa worked as a photographer and served in the United States Air Force of 10 years. She is a Florida native who has been living in Tecumseh with her husband Sean and their 3 children, Keira, Cooper and Harper since 2010.



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