Preparing your child for kindergarten

By: Vanessa Armstrong/

13681958_10210292563009947_792656316_oLenawee schools began using the Brigance III screener in the Spring of 2015 as a measurement tool for determining kindergarten readiness across the county. Nearly 900 students each year have participated in the screening.  This screener gives us a better idea of the areas we need to be focusing on to help our children be better prepared when they start school.

Lenawee Great Start has partnered with the Lenawee Cradle to Career initiative and gathered information from the Brigance screener III, parents, caregivers and educators that attend our Kindergarten and School Readiness work groups to come up with awesome activity cards that offer fun, affordable and easy ways to help your child prepare for kindergarten.  There are 2 different sets of activity cards that you might see while you’re out and about; one is an On the Go set and an At Home set.


We are working hard to get these activity cards out to all of you!  We are distributing them to local businesses, doctors’ offices, restaurants, basically, anywhere little ones are waiting.

activity card water and cupsWould you like to have access to these cards from home?  If you’re thinking, yes, that would be great, then we have great news, all of our activity cards will be on Pinterest, free for you to use at home and share with other family and friends that you think could benefit from these!

For the On the Go set, you can visit this board: and for the At Home set, you can visit this board:

By just doing a couple of these activities a day with your child, you are helping to make sure that are getting a Great Start and preparing for kindergarten.

Vanessa Armstrong will be serving as one of the new Parent Liaison for Lenawee Great Start. Before joining Lenawee Great Start, Vanessa worked as a photographer and served in the United States Air Force of 10 years. She is a Florida native who has been living in Tecumseh with her husband Sean and their 3 children, Keira 10, Cooper 7, and Harper 3 for 5 ½ years.


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