Family Fun Summer Activities!

By: Sarah Meikle/


boy swimingSummer is right around the corner! It’s time to start enjoying the outdoors. I have put together some ideas that you can start doing with your kids today that will make memories to last a lifetime!


  1. Build a bird house. Many places like Lowes or home depot offer bird house kits or you can find easy instructions online. While your building your bird house use this time to talk about the type of birds that might move into the new home.
  2. Take a nature hike. Many areas across Lenawee County offer great hiking trails. While your hiking talk about all the different trees and bugs you see. Take pictures and when you go home before the end of the day you can look up what their favorite tree or bug is called and learn all about them!
  3. Plant  flowers. Rather it’s a flower garden or a small outdoor pot, your kids will love getting their hands dirty with
    this one! They’ll also love helping water the flowers, and a great way to teach them about the life cycle of the flowers and the importance of taking care of them.
  4. Take a walk. Simple and easy, but so important! There’s something very refreshing about taking in the fresh summer air. One of the best things you can do is to teach your kids about the importance of staying active and healthy; this will create a positive habit that will continue into their adulthood.
  5. Spend the afternoon at the park. Pack a picnic and perhaps a Frisbee or kite and spend the afternoon enjoying the outdoors. No doubt you and your kids will have a blast!
  6. Let them help you clean up the outside. No really I mean it! Turn it into a fun activity. Make a list of things that need to get done and make a board game to go with it. All you need is a start space and a finish space. Each item on the list can be worth different points. For example, pulling old weeds from the garden maybe worth 3 points once the chore has been completed; they get to move 3 spots on the board game. You can reward at the end of the day with a trip to get ice-cream!
  7. Go to your local pool , lake, or splash Pad.  What child doesn’t like to go swimming, and it’s a great way to cool down.
  8. PlaygroundMeet up with your local playgroups at the park. Lenawee’s child has meet ups at the park, which is a great way to talk to  adults and let your little ones play with others.
  9. Make an outdoor water sensory table. Great way to play and learn while staying cool outdoors!
  10. Read books under a tree. Grab a few of your children’s favorite books and find a nice shade under a tree and enjoy some outdoor storytime.

Whatever you decide to do this summer, remember that the most important thing is to spend quality time with your children. They are only this young once so take in everyone moment you can!

Sarah Meikle is a new Parent Liaison for Lenawee Great Start. She was raised in Adrian where she attended Madison Schools. She now resides in Tecumseh with her husband Andrew and two children, Camden and Kaylee.

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