June Craft Ideas – Father’s Day

Father’s Day is June 21st, and it is a great idea to have the kids make something special for Dad. Here are some creative ideas to try.



Sandpaper Art T-Shirt: From Alex Nguyen Portraits blog — Have the kids use crayons to color a picture on a large piece of sandpaper. Then a grown-up can carefully iron the picture onto a white T-shirt to transfer it. See the blog post for details. Remember that the transfer will be a mirror-image of the drawing, so it is best not to use words unless you can write backwards!


Craft_elf_general_popsicle_stick_trinket_box_printable instructions_Trinket Box


Trinket Box: From CraftElf — Make Dad a special place to keep his keys, change, and other items from his pockets. This one uses popsicle sticks (35 of them), glue, and a piece of felt.






Finally, how about a Father’s Day card that kids can personalize to say what they like best about their dad? This is a free printable from the Buggy and Buddy blog. There is one version for coloring only and another version if your child is old enough to add some written words, too.




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