International Games Day Saturday

by Cathy Chesher /

International-Games-Day-2014-Poster-ALA-US-Letter-DatedMore than one thousand libraries around the world, including the Adrian Public Library, will celebrate the 7th annual International Games Day @ your library on Saturday, November 15, 2014.  International Games Day is an annual celebration of games, play, libraries and learning run by volunteers from around the world and co-sponsored by the American Library Association, in partnership with Nordic Game Day and the Australian Library and Information Association.

During Games Day the Adrian Public Library will have available a variety of card and board games for all ages to play. The library’s Wii will also be set up to play. Fans of Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic: the Gathering and Pokemon card games are invited to bring their cards and duel and battle with others from 10:30 am – 2:30 pm.

Have you ever played the game Telephone? This is the game where each participant whispers a phrase to the next person and the phrase is passed from person to person. In most instances, the phrase goes through many transformations, depending on what each person hears. During Games Day, you may have the opportunity to participate in the “Global Gossip Game,” an international version of the game Telephone. The Adrian Public Library will be receiving a phrase from another participating library which will then be passed around the Adrian Public Library for 30 minutes. The phrase comes back to the librarian who then passes it on to the next public library. The phrase originates in Australia and runs around the globe for 24 hours!

We’re not sure how this will all play out, but it should be a fun social experiment. And if you can’t join us for the “Global Gossip Game” at the library, try this game with your children.

We hope you can join us Saturday for fun and games at the Adrian Public Library!

Here’s a map of all the places registered to participate in International Games Day 2015:

Cathy Chesher is originally from the Chicago area and moved here after marrying Steve, an Adrian native, 32 years (!) ago. They have two adult children, Michael and Amanda (who Cathy is happy to say love to read). When she is not working, reading or playing with her new iPad, Cathy tends to her perennial garden, does yoga and other exercise, cooks, and enjoys travel. Cathy says she has the best job in Lenawee County! “There are many things I like and love about being a children’s librarian, but nurturing and supporting the love of reading is at the top of the list. In my mind, there is no such thing as a child who doesn’t like to read; just one who hasn’t found the right book yet.”

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