Can’t Wait

By Steven Burnett /

On June 1st, our last daughter graduated from high school. The following weekend, all of her older sisters were home for the graduation party. Because it is rare to have them all together at once, we try to get some pictures of the sisters together. As I watched this activity unfold, usually under the direction of Mom, I got to thinking of how over the years, we couldn’t wait for events like this to happen.

I remember when we were first married we couldn’t wait for the first child to be born. As the rest followed, we couldn’t wait for their appointed time of arrival either. Then we couldn’t wait for them to crawl and then walk. We couldn’t wait for their first words. We couldn’t wait for them to be out of diapers. We couldn’t wait for them to start school (actually this was their mother, because she needed a break from so many little ones).

time flies Microsoft ClipartWe couldn’t wait for events like first communion, starting high school, and that first date. Actually, I could wait for that one—it was the girls who were anxious. We couldn’t wait for them to get their driver’s licenses so we didn’t have to drive them everywhere or so they could get their first job. There was even a time we couldn’t wait to be ‘empty nesters.’ We have been parenting for almost 40 years now; we really do need a break.

But now that we are empty nesters, and the last one has headed off to her home, I can’t wait to see them again.

Enjoy the moments—they will be gone before you know it.

Have a great summer!!

Steven Burnett is a certified Professional Home Inspector with Journey Property Inspections, LLC, covering all of Southeastern Michigan. He also does radon testing, water quality testing, and lead paint testing. Steven has raised six daughters, helped care for 8 foster babies, and now has 3 grandchildren.

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