The Magic of Toy Rotation

By Suzi West

My children are now 8, 6, and 4, but after reading this blog post about the benefits of rotating toys, it got me thinking about what I used to do in the early years when we were all at home and didn’t have daily school activities.  I definitely was a fan of rotating toys although I may not have done it to the degree which this blog author discusses in her article.  I would, however, pack up some toys in clear containers and put them in a closet that the children could not access.  I found that if we had too many toys out it presented the following problems:

  1. The play room (i.e. the entire house) was a pit—a complete, and utter mess.  I used to reference a line that Oprah would say on her show that “your home should rise up to meet you.”  I changed it to “my home rises up and growls at me” because of the mess!
  2. My kids could not find the parts and pieces that go with their playsets and it was driving us all batty.
  3. The more toys and items out, the more they didn’t know what to play with.  It was almost like me going to the mall—there is so much stuff competing for my attention (and that I want) that I just end up grabbing my pretzel and lemonade and heading home without anything because I am overwhelmed.

So the moral of the story, from my perspective, is to rotate toys.  What was once old can now become new again!  My kids would completely forget about a toy they had—when I would bring it out it was like their birthday or Christmas all over again.  Speaking of Christmas, it is just around the corner; just an FYI, but that is a great time to do some toy rotation, or better yet some toy donations.

What are your thoughts on toy rotation?  What system do you use?

Suzi West works as a Great Start Parent Liaison, has lived in Adrian for six years and has an early childhood degree from CMU. She has three children (ages 8, 6, & 4) and is passionate about supporting our youngest learners to be successful in school.

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