By Rhaea MIller


Today I’ve decided that this is everything that is wrong with society:

iPad App 1       ipad app 2

Please see to gory details here:

Because not only should my infant be playing with my iPad, my infant should have a comfy seat to be strapped into while doing it, so the iPad can hang safely above her head.

Sigh…. Such a fitting product to help parents keep their babies away from screens before age 2, as the American Academy of pediatrics recommends.  But don’t worry, this product grows with baby, as seen here:

iPad Apptivity Set 2

Shame on you, Fisher Price.  You have been a trusted name in infant and children’s products for years and I can’t imagine what was going on in your design room the day this doozy made it out the door.  Perhaps one of your staffers had recently been to see Wall-E.  Because, gee, doesn’t this delightful idea look familiar?


I’m clearly disturbed by this?  Be honest – are you?

Rhaea is a graduate of the University of Toledo with degrees in Broadcasting and English. She tampered with a variety of careers with fancy titles – including Network Production Coordinator for ESPN, Academic Assistant at the Yale University School of Medicine, and HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator – before settling on her no-fancy-title-needed life calling of stay-at-home Mom. Although her children would be shocked to realize she has other things to keep her busy, she is also a Sunday school teacher, a Judge-Referee for the US Rowing Association, on the board of Community in Schools of the Tecumseh Area, and teaching assistant and former President of Little Indian Preschool in Tecumseh. After living in Connecticut for many years, she has spent the last 6 years in Tecumseh with her husband Lee, son Avery and daughters Ruby and Rita. She firmly believes that raising children can either make you laugh or cry, so take the bull by the horns and make it all good and funny.

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5 thoughts on “REALLY?!

  1. Wow, this really *is* disturbing. Although not surprising. We are truly one step closer to the Wall-E society. I am encouraged by the fact that Amazon Reviewers are overwhelmingly condemning it.

  2. Wow! That’s it, I’m changing my 13 year olds career path to ophthalmologist. It was going to be chiropractor for all the slouching going on, but now I see that vision-impairment is the more lucrative route. This is a lazy parent’s dream come true. They can stare at their iPhones and allow a flat-screen to interact with their child.


  3. This is a horrible thing! I am so worried about the children whose parents would use this contraption!

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