Let’s Do “The Shuffle”

By Lisa Eack, LGS Parent Liaison

My husband and I have recently been working hard to learn a new dance.by Lisa Eack

It is now fondly known in our household as the ‘Three Kid Shuffle.’ We are actually getting pretty good at it. I will admit that we are learning this shuffle because of me.

Now that our kids are getting older (six, four and two), I am always finding new activities that I want to introduce to them. However, because my husband and I are fairly new to this, we failed to realize that we were enrolling ourselves as well! Our participation is a little different, though—apparently I have enlisted us up to pick-up and drop-off, volunteer, drag the other two around (or find sitters), and wait in the car for numerous different times and occasions.

The other two issues that play into these wonderful experiences for our kids is that 1) my job sometimes requires meetings and events at night, and 2) my husband is coaching 7th grade football which is an EVERY….NIGHT…..COMMITTMENT.

So, a lot of times I am doing “The Shuffle” alone or Grandma is helping with this dance.

It is really not a lot of fun to dance alone.

Swim lessons – Sounds fun! They really do need to know how to swim.
Flag football – He will love that!
Faith First at the church – Very important.By Lisa Eack
Hockey – Yes, please.
Field trips – For sure!
Cub Scouts – Great experience.

The list above has just been the last two months, and does not even include family commitments, family activities, work and homework. Even though all of these are a few weeks and sometimes only one day a week, they are all a commitment and I have definitely learned my lesson. Our oldest has said on numerous occasions “I don’t have time to play” & “When do I have time to play?” Even though these activities are fun and they really do enjoy them, we need to slow down. There will be time to introduce them to new experiences, but from now on, just one at a time.

Does your family do “The Shuffle?”

Lisa Eack has served as Parent Liaison for Lenawee Great Start for four years. Before joining Lenawee Great Start, Lisa worked with Holy Cross Children’s Services at their Boysville Campus. She is an Upper Peninsula native who has resided in Adrian for 13 years and is mom of three, Rory 6, Gavin 4, and Delaney 2.

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One thought on “Let’s Do “The Shuffle”

  1. I only have 1 child and I do “The Shuffle.” I can’t imagine how much harder it gets with 2, 3, or 4 kids! A very complicated dance, indeed. Like you, I’m learning to slow down and limit activities so we can reduce the Shuffle stress.

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