Equal time, equal pay

Having more than one child means I spend a great deal of time and energy making sure everything is equal.  Equal gifts at Christmas, equal time on the computer, equal mess on the floor to be cleaned, equal M&M’s.  If there is even the slightest hint of inequality amongst the troops, someone complains.  Actually, someone complains no matter what, but I try.  I had a moment a really long time ago where I thought it would be good for the children to learn that life isn’t fair and sometimes things aren’t equal.  I snapped out of that real quick and pulled some clean socks out of a basket and threw them on the floor to make everyone’s rooms look equally messy.  We all pick out battles, and it’s just so much simpler to aim for equal.  Regardless, it’s exhausting.kids in nyc

Case in point.  Earlier this spring, my son, who is a HUGE fan of the Discovery Channel show Mythbusters, saw that they had a live show coming to Lansing.  My husband and I spent about 30 seconds entertaining the idea that we’d go as a family, then decided to have one of us take Avery as the girls couldn’t have cared less.  Two tickets later, I yelled “I call it!!” and Avery and I happily sauntered off to the show.  I should mention—as an aside—that while at the show, with my son, I got called up on stage and got to meet both of the Mythbusters, complete with multiple handshakes and an on-stage stunt thingy.  The moment I got called up there, I became both the coolest mom ever and the worst mom ever, as I left my very jealous son sitting in his seat.  Remember this part, as I will come back to bite me.  And on top of that, I was in the newspaper over it.  And I am bringing it up again now.  It is the gift that keeps on giving.

Due to our equality policy, Lee was then forced into attending Cedar Point with Avery’s school band, a delightful little trip which involved several hours on a bus with many, many middle schoolers.  Sucka!!

But I digress. 

So when a friend asked if we’d like to join her and her daughter at the American Girl store in Columbus, I immediately made grand plans that did not involve my son.  Due to the fact that he is my son, and this is the American GIRL store. 

The day before the trip, he says, “So, are the girls going to buy anything at the store?”

Well, yes, as their dad and I had set a reasonable price limit.  And it is, after all, a STORE.

“Do I get an equal amount, in cash?”

Of course not.  You got to see the Mythbusters earlier this summer, and the girls didn’t.

“Yes, but while there, you both stole the show AND my dreams.”

Well, poopy.

So here I sit, having believed that I had spread the wealth evenly.  Mom and son time and mom and daughter time were equal.  If anything, I figured that girls would complain that they had to share their time, but no, I cannot predict complaints.  The children in my house can create complaints where none should exist.

I have decided that in order to equal this all out, I will find a way to steal my girls’ dreams as well.  It’s the only way to make it better.

Do you bother with equality at your house?

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