Diapers Needed!

Lenawee Great Start’s 2nd annual Diaper Drive started May 1st. During last year’s drive, the community donated over 8,000 disposable diapers to help Lenawee County families. This year we hope to reach the 10,000 mark by the end of our drive on June 14th.

Did you know there are over 500 babies in Lenawee County living below the poverty level? Babies need between 6 and 10 diaper changes a day. Disposable diapers can cost a family up to $75 a month and safety net programs such as W.I.C. and food stamps do NOT cover the cost of diapers.

Many babies are forced to spend the entire day in a single diaper because their family cannot afford to buy diapers. This puts babies at higher risk of health problems and increased risk of physical abuse.

In addition, most childcare centers do not accept cloth diapers, and many Laundromats have restrictions on washing cloth diapers in their facilities, which can add to a family’s hardship.

We have set up diaper drop-off locations throughout Lenawee County. Collection bins can be found at the following locations from now until June 14th:

  • Tecumseh City Hall – Police Station entrancehttp://www.cnn.com/2011/09/12/health/poor-economy-diaper-rash-p
  • Lenawee Community Foundation
  • Lenawee United Way
  • Lenawee Christian School & The Christian Family Centre
  • Madison Elementary School
  • Bixby Medical Center
  • Herrick Hospital
  • First Federal Bank–Adrian Courthouse & West Branches
  • Little People’s Place in Morenci
  • The LISD Porter Center
  • Child Care Network located at the Lenawee Human Services Bldg in the MSU-Extension Office

Please help us spread the word by sharing this blog on your Facebook page or emailing it to a friend! Perhaps you can get a group of people together from your workplace, church, or social organization and donate some diapers. If you are not sure about what diapers to buy, Lenawee Great Start is also collecting cash which will be used to purchase diapers. Checks can be mailed to Lenawee Great Start at 2946 Sutton Rd., Adrian, MI 49221 or donations can be made on-line through the Lenawee Educational Community Foundation (just choose Great Start Collaborative on the drop down menu at their website www.lenaweecef.com).

All of the diapers collected through the diaper drive will be distributed at the Community Action Agency office in Adrian. Please look for a collection site near you and help us reach our goal.

Hundreds of local babies thank you!

– P.S. Here is a Diaper Drive Flyer and a Fact Sheet for you to share.


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One thought on “Diapers Needed!

  1. As a past foster parent, I sure hope any family who is this low in income and has their child is in the same diaper all day is reported. It is likely that if a parent has them in the same diaper all day, they are experiencing other forms of abuse or neglect, as stated. Simply giving them diapers is not the answer. These parents need to be put through proper programming to teach self sufficiency and proper parenting strategieswhile their child remains in a safe environment. I frequently support programs such as FCCS and Catherine Cobb DV shelter on a regular basis, who assist families but also keep the children safe.

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