Cry Baby

As I write this, it is 10:00 am on a Saturday.  Thus far, Rita has cried six times, over the following things:

  • She wanted to play school with Ruby, but she didn’t know Ruby would want to play in the living room and not the dining room.
  • She wanted to take a bath, not a shower.
  • She couldn’t find a towel.
  • Her hair isn’t curly.
  • We didn’t wait for her to eat breakfast, even though she didn’t come downstairs until 9:15, and most Saturdays are ‘fend for yourself’ breakfast anyway.
  • She wanted to play with her friend Sonja, and I hadn’t called yet, regardless of the fact that it was still only 9:15, she’d just gotten up, she had clothes to put away (which, by the way she hasn’t cried about yet), she was still playing school with Ruby and her hair wasn’t even wet yet from her shower.

These crying fits were not just a little whining or weeping.  They are full on sobbing with tears.  The kind of sobs that make you want to poke your ears with ice picks because they screech a little and they are mostly fake.

This is pretty typical.  It has been since the dawn of Rita’s time.  She will go through phases where she sobs less, but pretty much a typical school day will have 4-6 fits while a weekend day might have 8-10.  She’s here more, so more opportunity to find fault with the world that is our home.img429

As a parent, this frustrates me to no end.  In fact, it frustrates me as a human.  I’ve gone from attempting to comfort her, to screaming at her, to ignoring her, to just sending her to her room.  I even went as far as crying back one time, and my husband put an end to that as soon as he walked in and saw us both sitting and sobbing for no apparent reason.

My recollections are foggy, but I am pretty sure Avery was nearly as emotional.  Ruby has her moments, but never like this.  Chalking it up to her age is difficult, being that she has always done it. 

Her immediate reaction to everything is to burst into tears, and over time we have gotten to the point that we don’t react at all.  So much so that she has had to hobble into the house gravely injured just to get our attention.  In our defense, moments earlier she was crying because Ruby used the pink chalk. 

So what is the solution?  I don’t have one.  Just like much of what I share here about my Rita, I’m mostly venting and not offering up advice to those in similar situations.  I don’t have any wisdom.  She is who she is, and we can’t change that.  My goal is to have her not burst into tears over everything by the time she leaves for college.  I say college and not high school because frankly, I remember high school.  There is a lot to cry about.

How do you react to your most emotional child?

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