Reading with a Twist

Do you read to your kids? I certainly hope so. It is one of the greatest ways to help their development!

Do you engage your kids while reading to them? Wait… huh?

I recently learned of an easy way to make reading more fun and engaging for both you and your child. It even has a name—it is called the PEER sequence.

PEER stands for Prompt, Evaluate, Expand and Repeat. Here’s how it works.

As you are reading, PROMPT your child to say something about the book:

  • Point to a picture: “What’s this?”
  • Child says “Truck!”

EVALUATE your child’s response:

  • “That’s right!”

EXPAND on the response by rephrasing or adding information:

  • “It’s a red fire truck.”

REPEAT the prompt or expansion:

  • “Can you say ‘fire truck’?”

Try it out sometime, using your own prompts.

Yes, it adds a bit of time to the story, but it also adds some variety when your child asks you to read the same book for the 182,397,009th time.

If you’d like more ideas on making reading more fun and educational, check out the Read*Write*Now initiative.

Suggestions from Read*Write*Now:

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