We talk about teeth a lot in our house.  Did you brush them?  Don’t eat that because your teeth will rot out of your head.  That kind of thing.

I have been feeling sentimental about teeth lately as my baby finally lost her first tooth.  This same tooth cut through a tiny baby gum the same day Avery lost his first tooth about 5 years ago.  Weird, I know.  That day I cried as my baby was growing a tooth and my other baby was losing a tooth.  The circle of life, likely combined with post-partum hormones.

The day Rita lost her first tooth was also the day Avery got braces.  Again with the weird symmetry.  I don’t know if getting braces and losing teeth are related exactly, other than they both involve teeth.  Rather, they signify for me stages of life for my children.

Rita will never again have that perfect little mouth with her perfectly tight straight baby teeth.  Instead, she will grow jagged adult teeth which are never quite as white.  They will be too big for her little face and squish themselves in there wherever they please, securing her seat at the orthodontist.

Speaking of the orthodontist, Avery’s mouth full of teeth that have already poked themselves all over the place will never look the same.  I took a picture of him before the braces went on and realized he will never have that face again.  Aside from the teeth that don’t fit, by the time the braces come off, his jaw will be stronger, his nose longer, and there will likely be facial hair.  My little boy will come out of this a young man.

I spend most of my days, happily skipping along, blissfully unaware that time marches on beside me.  However, every once in a while, something like a simple lost tooth smacks me in the face, making me realize it all goes by too fast.  Much too fast.  Blink of an eye fast.

And just when I start to get teary eyed and sentimental, another thing – like Avery moaning for the last 4 days that he is starving to death and afraid he will never be able to enjoy a meal again due to the pain and agony in his mouth – makes me wish time would speed up a little.  But just a little.

Does anything make you wish time would slow down for your kids?

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One thought on “Teeth-a-palooza

  1. We worry about teeth issues a lot with Nathan’s medical needs. He didn’t get to loose his first tooth the old fashioned way. 🙁 They pulled it due to infections related to his XLH. We are getting ready to order something called MI paste Plus which has been recommended to us throughout the XLH community we belong to as a great thing for not only kids with XLH but kids without it as well. It is like vitamins for your teeth. Just thought I would throw that out there…I plan to use it with Alaina as well. Like you said…her teeth just aren’t the same since she started getting her adult teeth in and they have already mentioned braces.

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