Bug Out!

My daughter does not like bugs, not one bit. My nephew is fascinated by them and wants to be an entomologist when he grows up. Most of us are in between these two extremes with our opinion on insects.

If you have a young child, why not take the “scare” out of bugs by spending some time learning about them? The “Room To Grow” literacy blog recently had a “Bug Theme” post with some great suggestions for activities, such as:

  • Look on You Tube (or other video sites) for bug cams. (They suggest this one, which is very cool. I also came across this video of a spider making its web)
  • Google the web for diagrams of insects and learn the names and purpose of each part. Here are a few:
  • Observe bugs and keep a ‘Bug Journal’ for one week. Each day the children go outside and find one insect to observe. They can draw or write about their observations in their journal. Encourage children to look in different places—in the soil, on the ground, in the air—and write down where they found their insects. Make a graph of the places the insects were found.
  • The Good List: Make a list of all of the GOOD things insects do for our environment. (It’s important for kids to realize that we wouldn’t have such beautiful flowers, birds or fish in our world without bugs! Here’s when I usually mention how much I like honey, too.)
  • Provide children clay and collage materials and encourage them to create their own bug. They can even give it a name!

The blog also suggests reading the book “Bugs, Bugs, Bugs” by Bob Barner. I bet you have a few “Bug” books around your house! Older kids may want to try out the formula for counting cricket chirps and estimating the temperature.

Don’t forget to enjoy the sounds of the crickets and cicadas this time of year.

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