Summer Plans

The air is warming up. Cold weather clothing is being replaced with shorts and t-shirts. The recognizable sound of flip flops can be heard on the feet of children and adults. The countdown to the last day of school is uttered the moment children wake for school. Yes, it’s almost Summer Time!!!

As our first year of school winds down, I look forward to having all my children with me. I have also started to realize I need to plan our days so we are not waking up without an agenda and becoming bored with each other. I want to take advantage of our days together, but also maximize our time to fit in valuable lessons. My children thrive on structure and knowing what each day holds.

Besides attending a horse camp (Morgan Valley Farms provides an excellent camp for school-aged children who are interested in horses), I have begun planning what a typical week will be like. Lenawee County has an abundance of beautiful parks that I want to visit. I will be picking one day a week, weather permitting, and dubbing it our Park Day. A different park will be picked each week for the children to enjoy. Packing a picnic lunch and really exploring our parks is something my young children will love to do each week. Two to three days a week I will be taking 1-2 hours out of our day to focus on expanding their minds. I have started thinking of lesson plans to keep their minds sharp and their hands busy. Along with worksheets will be a craft. These things are great for my preschool-aged children, while still holding the interest of my oldest. Another day, that I will let the children pick, will be our library day. We live in the Tecumseh school district, so the Tecumseh Public Library is our library of choice. Who doesn’t love digging into the shelves of books and picking out new ones to read with Mom and Dad?

Last summer I discovered Bohn Pool in Adrian. The swimming lessons given in the outdoor pool were done with great instructors in a beautiful setting. I plan on signing up for a few two-week sessions through the summer for the children. The moment I drove up to the pool, which was a hidden gem I knew nothing about, I fell in love. The water twinkles in the sunshine and excited children listen and learn in the water while parents pull up lounge chairs and watch. I’m excited that I will be able to have THREE children taking lessons at the same time and only ONE to chase around. It will be a delightful thirty minutes!

Our community offers so much and I am just scratching the surface with my young children. As they get older we will be doing even more in our lovely community. What do you plan to do with your children during summer vacation? Take advantage of all that Lenawee offers!

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