Things that used to drive me crazy but now that I have kids I barely notice

  1. Dust. The only thing that makes me realize I haven’t wiped a single surface in my house in 7 weeks  is when my kids start practicing writing their names on the wood edges of our staircase.
  2. Car clutter.  I found a granola bar wrapper in my car the other day that had an expiration date of 12/10.  Presumably, that’s how long it has been stuffed under the seat.
  3. Balled up socks on the floor. My kids peel the socks off their feet regardless of where they are, and they drop them on the floor.  I’ve yelled about it for so long, and I have thrown my back out more than once bending over in a rage.  So now I choose not to see them.  I’ll suck them up in the vacuum next time I use it.
  4. Polly Pocket shoes and single block Legos.  Speaking of the vacuum….
  5. Unmade beds.  I make my bed, but I no longer bother with the kids.  It is their job now.  Which means it doesn’t get done.  If they want to live in squalor, have at it.
  6. Laundry. Dirty, clean, it makes no difference.  I currently have 6 baskets of clean laundry on the floor of my bedroom that needs to be folded.  If I had a laundry room it would be there instead.  Will I fold it?  Perhaps.  Someday.  It doesn’t really matter anyway because the second I get it all done, someone is going to change their underwear and the whole process will start over.
  7. A sink full of dishes.  My only rule is I never go to bed with a sink full of dishes.  I wait all day until all the dishes are good and dirty and then take care of them.  Dishes are like laundry.  Why bother working all day to keep them clean when one of my kids is always going to dirty one up.
  8. Yard toys. I used to gasp in horror when I would pass a house with a bunch of kids’ toys left out overnight in the yard or the driveway.  How can they do that?  Don’t they worry about someone stealing them?  We are now those people.  And we now know that nobody steals kids’ toys that were left in the yard.  Why do you think I leave them there?  I want them stolen.  Six years later and nobody has taken me up on my offer.
  9. Empty toilet paper rolls. Like a robot, I walk around and refill my toilet paper holders.  I don’t care anymore.  One is always empty.  If I let It bother me, I would always be bothered.  Plus, it is good problem solving skill building to let my kids sit there with no toilet paper once in a while.  They figure out.
  10. Kids who look like a monkey dressed them. I am ashamed to say I remember thinking that ‘how can people let their kids go out looking like that?!’  Then, I had kids.  If you want to let your kids learn to dress themselves, there will be a period of looking like they live with monkeys who help them dress.  Sometimes I get motion sickness when looking at my youngest daughter’s chosen outfits.  Go into any elementary school building and there are a bunch of kids who look like monkeys dressed them.  My son, at 10, still puts clothes on backward.  Whatever.  Now, the only one I judge is an adult who looks like a monkey helped with their morning routine.

How has having kids changed your pet peeves?

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