Taking care of yourself helps take care of your child

With 3-1/2 hours of down time added to my life I am almost at a loss of what to do. I surely don’t want to start anything that would take up much of that time, since I want to be available in case my preschooler or any of my other school-age kids may need me.  I decided to use that time to do some of the things I’ve been putting off that I really have been looking forward to trying. Yoga. I finally have been able to take 30 minutes of my morning and do some healthy stretching and relaxing. Meditating. I’ve always enjoy using down time to become centered. Centering your self emotionally and mentally is so necessary. Everything we create comes from within ourselves, and finding your center early in the morning can really help your day go by so much more smoothly.

I miss my little one while he is away, but I am also very thankful that I have the time to spend on myself to help make me a better parent.

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