That’s Pinterest-ing.

Recently a friend announced to me that she was going “Green.” I had to laugh. In defense of anything environmental, I agreed to help her rearrange her “old” style of living to this upgraded “new” style of life she had discovered. Being that she’s a single mom, all I could think of was how was she going to change her entire course of action with 3 kids in tow? So we started out slow.

The most obvious changes she made were (of course) buying organic, growing her own herbs and even making her own jam. I started thinking “wow, she’s really serious!”  It started to make me think of how I could make some changes in my life and in my kids’ lives to help them appreciate nature and all its splendor.

There are so many sites and pages and blogs about D.I.Y crafts and recipes for healthy snacks, you can never run out of great ideas. One idea I found on Pinterest is worth sharing. I found a recipe for homemade baby wipes!! I had heard of this idea before, but when I actually tried to do it, it was neat!! Four basic ingredients, all natural, was all it took to conjure up one of the hottest commodities in any family environment. (click the image below to see original post/recipe)

Needless to say, I found so many new and fun ways to make small changes in our family (along with my dear friend) that I’ve found myself creating my own ideas to save the planet.

How are you “going Green?” Interested in Pinterest?

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One thought on “That’s Pinterest-ing.

  1. I have recently hopped on the green train too. Recipes for all natural laundry detergent and cleaning spray were found thanks to interest and now are used daily. I love the wipes idea too!

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