New Year, New You

So, like everybody else who made a New Year’s resolution to eat healthier, I had started improvising on the snacks. With a weakness for anything sweet & salty, I  immediately started diving into trail mixes and granola as options. I started to notice that my kids, instead of eating the chips and cookies, were eating my healthy snacks.Courtesy of

One day I decided to buy a variety bag of nuts (shells on) and a bag of plain roasted peanuts, mix them in a huge bowl and just set them in the middle of the coffee table. It was a hit! Not only were the boys loving them but they all actually hung out together in one place and watched a movie. It was fun to teach the boys how to open them and we used brown paper lunch bags instead of bowls to put shells in.

Another change we made as a family in our attempts to eat more conscientiously was to indulge in vegetables with cheese. I know having the kids eat their vegetables without anything added is way better, but in the beginning of changing one’s diet routine it’s always best to make smaller changes than large, drastic ones. I began with broccoli and cheese, cauliflower and cheese, then cold vegetables with ranch or carrot sticks with peanut butter. I found that when I laid out veggie trays and served up side snacks like these it was met with very little resistance. I was amazed.

Has your New Year’s Resolution turned into a ‘family thing’?

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