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I have recently discovered the website Pinterest. I have now spent way too much time perusing recipes, cute photos and craft ideas.

For those of you still blissfully ignorant of this website, it is essentially a bulletin board of photos that people have “pinned” with comments for all to see. These photos link to the original website or blog where the photo comes from. The photos could be of yummy dishes to cook, a beautiful image of a vacation spot or cute animal, an inspiring quote, a craft project of some sort, a product that someone found useful or beautiful, or a page from a decorator magazine.

Basically, it is an on-line scrapbook that you can use to collect and categorize cool stuff.  Beware: it is highly addictive.

One of the best things I’ve found on Pinterest are ideas for parents. There are food ideas, craft ideas, clothes and products that I hadn’t heard of, and cute pictures galore. Here are just a few I had to share with you. (Click on the photos to go to the original posts/descriptions) MAGNET IDEA

Cut up bits of pipe cleaners (chenille stems) and place in a clear bottle. Your child can then take a magnet and move it along the outside of the bottle to make them move! ELEPHANT TOOTHPASTE

A great science project–use yeast, water, peroxide, dishsoap and food coloring to make a chemical reaction that looks like giant toothpaste coming out of a tube! LEGO SOAP DISPENSER

This just might be enough to entice little boys to wash their hands more often! Place Lego pieces in a clear soap dispensor (use clear soap as well). DYE EGGS MORE EASILY

Use a wire whisk to hold hard-boiled eggs when you dip them in dye–much easier for young ones. ALTOIDS TIN FOR CRAYONS

Use an empty Altoids tin to carry a few crayons and a folded piece of paper in your purse for the next time you are stuck waiting somewhere. MAKING POTIONS

A great idea for letting kids “experiment” safely at home. AWWWWWWWW

Sometimes you just need a dose of cute.

Have you found cool ideas on Pinterest or other Pinboard? Please share!

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