The Play Challenge: Another Mom’s Perspective

Lisa Eack, Parent Coalition leader and mom, also took the “20 Minute Play Challenge.”  Here is her reflection on it.

Uninterrupted. Uninterrupted? I am not sure that this word even exists in our household.  With two young boys, a baby on the way, a very large chocolate lab, and house that always seems to need attention, twenty minutes of uninterrupted play seemed impossible. But I took the play challenge!

I do have to admit that this week our schedule was a little less hectic as my four-year-old just had his tonsils out. So it was quite a bit easier to sit (a struggle in itself with 2 boys) and play. Unfortunately, I had to help guide the type of “play” my boys wanted due to the surgery. Knowing my boys, I am sure that they would have picked to have a monster (the dog) chase them through the house rather than have quiet play.

My oldest chose puzzles first. These were recent gifts (because of his surgery) and he was eager to put them together. He decided he wanted to put the top together first, so it gave us an opportunity to talk about how the sky would be first and to match up all of the colors. We then decided which colors/objects would come next. His younger brother really wanted to get involved—however his involvement was tearing apart what we already had completed! We found little tasks that he could do while we worked. Once all three puzzles were completed and on the table to show Daddy when he got home from work, we moved on to the “art box.”

My oldest decided that paper and markers were going to be his art tools this afternoon.  Since we were in the living room, I decided that crayons and a coloring book was what my two-year-old was going to use.

The boys worked very well together and it was quiet! We talked about what colors we were going to use, we hung pictures on the “frigerd” and made cards for friends and family.

The phone still rang, I still received emails, and the dog still wanted attention, but we ignored them all. We not only spent 45 uninterrupted minutes together but we learned as we “played.”  Next time the dog can chase us!

Take the play challenge with your children. It is so easy to win!

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