Dealing with Disasters

This post might seem rather late, considering Japan has been dealing with results of their massive earthquake for 10 days now, but it is still relevant.

I subscribe to a parenting newsletter by Chick Moorman.  Mr. Moorman and his buddy Thomas Haller are on a mission to help parents, teachers and couples learn new and productive ways of talking. I find most of their ideas to be straighforward, easy to implement and very productive.

Recently, in the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, Moorman and Haller sent out a copy of their article on how to talk to kids when disasters strike.  Their advice reminds us to focus on feelings and to remember that helpers always come.  It not only helped me respond to my daughter’s questions about the ongoing events in Japan, but also reminded me to take time to process my own feelings. Sometimes we as parents are so busy trying to “manage” the feelings of our kids and spouse that we neglect our own.

So go and read it, and then comment on what you think. How has your family—and you personally—been dealing with the recent disasters?

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