Take Time to Enjoy Fall

It is a beautiful time of year when the leaves begin to change and the smell of fall is in the air.  Now is the perfect time to enjoy the last bit warmth before winter settles in for a long, cold ‘slump.’  There are some beautiful places to take a walk whether it be around the block, a walk through town, or special little places that have lots of color and are full of autumn wonder.

I run a daycare so we take walks and collect little fall momentos along the way.  Our community has beautiful fall specimens.  Last weekend my daughter and I wanted to grab a little of that fall wonder and decided to find a place to take pictures for our Facebook pages.  We went to Hidden Lake Gardens.  It was actually a rainy dull day, but the magic of the place actually still provided us with great pictures.  It had stopped raining long enough to enjoy our visit.  We had a great time and it gave me time to spend with my daughter.

I highly suggest you take advantage of the fall beauty that Michigan can create.  You can visit a local community to give you a fresh new place.  Visit your local park.  Michigan has beautiful state parks.  Also you can take advantage of outdoor tourist areas in your area.  They could be orchards, fall festivals, and local lakes and streams.  Enjoy fall and the wondrous colors it can provide!

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